Divorce Investigations

Spencer Investigations also specializes in litigation support for divorce cases and issues of family matters especially in locating assets.

Many spouses are often abused or confused about the system of family law and divorce and often pay large amounts of money during their divorce proceedings while not realizing that many spouses lie about assets or attempt to hide assets overseas.

Spencer Investigations can locate assets in the USA or overseas and provide assistance to lawyers seeking assets for spouses. Spencer investigations Inc. can locate all assets in USA and overseas be there/or by Bank Accounts, Stock Accounts, Swiss Management Accounts, Bonds, Money Market or Private Bank Accounts.

Many victims of divorce do not know how to use investigators, surveillance or find out the true basis for a spouse who has been hiding assets. Many judges in the USA do not know how to enforce a spouse hiding assets in secret banking havens. Many lawyers do not know how to locate assets or documents to substantiate their claim against a spouse. Spencer can assist your family law attorney or research to develop a criminal case against a spouse that secret assets and lies during a deposition or in court.